Unmanned Systems Canada 2014 Competition

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Team GUARDIAN is proud to have competed in the 6th Annual Unmanned Systems Canada Student UAS Competition, which took place in Southport Manitoba at the beginning of May. The goals for the 2014 competition were threefold: identify and map the portion of crops that have been damaged by pollution; locate and calculate the volume of a rockslide; and identify any suspicious people or vehicles in the area. Over the 2013/2014 year Team GUARDIAN was hard at work on the development and construction of our new airframe, nicknamed the Orca. Unfortunately, in the weeks leading up to the competition, testing of the Orca revealed vibration issues that did not allow us to take it to competition. We had to resort to Plan B and use last year’s airframe, a heavily modified Bormatec Maja airframe. You can read more about the Maja here. Five of our members were able to attend the competition, and considering the rush to prepare last year’s airframe prior to leaving, the team was well prepared at the competition site. Flying conditions were less than ideal in for the days schedule for flight. Winds were much higher than what we are used to in the lower mainland. Thankfully, most of the other teams agreed with the difficulty of designing and testing under these conditions, so we did not have to fly on the two windiest days. Since we only had one day left to prove our team and our UAV to the judges, we weren’t able to demonstrate our best flight. We came away with a lot learned from this experience and new goals and visions set for the team direction in the next year. One of the most valuable experiences for our members at the competition was being able to share knowledge with other teams, talk to the judges, and mingle with industry experts. At the competition, Team GUARDIAN impressed the judges by our cost-efficient UAV and preparedness at the competition. We are excited to compete again at USC 2015!