The Team

Our team currently consists primarily of Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Computing Science undergraduate students spanning from first to fourth year.



Team Executives for 2017-2018:  

AndreyThumbnailTeam Captain & Software Lead: Andrey Gromov

Andrey has been a member of Team Guardian since 2016. He has contributed extensively to the software team, developing the team’s custom TAG (Target Analysis and Geolocation) software. Andrey attended the 2017 USC competition and looks forward to leading the team to the AUVSI SUAS 2018 competition.

nikita1Mechanical & Systems Lead: Nikita Bazhanov

Nikita joined Team Guardian in 2014. While he is a Mechatronic Systems Engineering student, his main area of focus has been the mechanical system. He has successfully implemented the two axis gimbal and installed a probe drop mechanism on our airframe. He also has over 10 years of experience with building RC planes, making him invaluable as the team’s Mechanical Lead.

richard1Autopilot Lead: Richard Arthurs

Since Richard joined the team in 2014, he has played an important role in developing the autopilot system. He maintains the latest version and ensures the safety requirements are met for each competition. Richard is passionate about autonomous systems and enjoys the challenge of meeting all the necessary requirements for competitions.


Team Members:

  • Richard Arthurs – MSE
  • Nikita Bazhanov – MSE
  • Harry Ceong – Software Systems
  • Darwin Chang – MSE
  • Cyril De Ramos – MSE
  • Andrew Ducholke – MSE
  • James Evans – MSE
  • Leo Ge – MSE
  • Chad Graham – MSE
  • Andrey Gromov – MSE
  • Joshua Li Guo – MSE
  • Grazietta Hof – Computing Science
  • Alexander Hong – Computer Engineering
  • Junaid Jawed Khan – MSE
  • Michael Kontanist – MSE
  • Teresa Lau – Software Systems
  • Cindy Lee – Computing Science
  • Victor Leon – MSE
  • James Liu – MSE
  • Shawn Liu – MSE
  • Nam Anh Mai – MSE
  • Taylor McKenzie – MSE
  • Jay Pacamarra – MSE
  • Manraj Sangha – MSE
  • Prashant Shashikumar – Computing Science
  • Gregory Schneiderman – MSE
  • Dolapo Toki – Software Systems
  • Josh Vazquez – Software Systems
  • Anne Wong – MSE
  • Kevin Wu – MSE

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Siamak Arzanpour, Dr. Flavio Firmani, & Dr. Brian Fraser

Industry Advisor: Kris Gjernes