The Team

Our team currently consists of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Computing Science, and Mathematics undergraduate students spanning from first to fourth year.


Team Executives for 2016-2017:  

kris1Team Captain & Project Manager: Kris Gjernes

Kris has been a member of Team Guardian since the fall of 2013 when he joined Mechatronic Systems Engineering. Prior to becoming an executive member, he had taken responsibility for recruitment, as well as management of the team website, and led the team as a co-captain for 2015-2016. He currently serves as the Team Captain and Project Manager, communicating with staff, faculty, and external sources to coordinate team activities and requirements.

nikita1Mechanical Lead: Nikita Bazhanov

Nikita joined Team Guardian in 2014. While he is a Mechatronic Systems Engineering student, his main area of focus has been the mechanical system. He has successfully implemented the two axis gimbal and installed a probe drop mechanism on our airframe. He also has over 10 years of experience with building RC planes, making him invaluable as the team’s Mechanical Lead.

richard1Autopilot Lead: Richard Arthurs

Since Richard joined the team in 2014, he has played an important role in developing the autopilot system. He maintains the latest version and ensures the safety requirements are met for each competition. Richard is passionate about autonomous systems and enjoys the challenge of meeting all the necessary requirements for competitions.

josh1Software Lead: Josh Vazquez

Josh joined Team Guardian in 2013 and, as a Software Systems student, he plays a vital role in the development of software for our vision system. His work includes processing and compositing of aerial images taken during flights. Josh is passionate about flying and is working towards attaining his Private Pilot License. He led the team as a co-captain in 2015-2016, making him a good fit in a lead position this year.

sid1Imaging Lead: Sid Modi

Sid has been contributing to the vision system since he joined in 2014. He has obtained cameras and lenses for the team that are used in competitions. He adapts the system to meet competition requirements, such as capturing images of infrared beacons from the air. Sid believes the future of engineering lies in the development of unmanned technologies.

allan1Systems Lead: Allan Lee

Allan has been a member of Team Guardian since 2012. He brings value to the team as our pilot for the past 4 years, and has experience flying RC aircraft for over 10 years. As the Systems Lead, Allan also contributes to developing software for special requirements, such as the probe drop automation, and ensures the electronics onboard can all communicate with each other and the ground control station.

Team Members:

  • Alireza Alidousti – Computing Science & Mathematics
  • Richard Arthurs – MSE
  • Nikita Bazhanov – MSE
  • Cyril De Ramos – MSE
  • Andrew Ducholke – MSE
  • Kris Gjernes – MSE
  • Rai Gohalwar – MSE
  • Andrey Gromov – MSE
  • Michael Kontanist – MSE
  • Allan Lee – MSE
  • Victor Leon – MSE
  • Siddhant Modi – MSE
  • Gregory Schneiderman – MSE
  • Ceilidh Simon – MSE
  • Stanislav Sichkar – MSE
  • Dolapo Toki – Software Systems
  • Vadim Tsarkov – MSE
  • Josh Vazquez – Software Systems

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Siamak Arzanpour & Dr. Brian Fraser

Industry Advisor: Jacob Voorhees, Sky Capture / Capture Productions