Team Guardian Wins Second Place at USC 2016!

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Team AcceptanceWe are thrilled to announce that Team Guardian has been awarded Second Place at the Unmanned Systems Canada UAS Competition 2016! With 14 teams competing in Southport, Manitoba this year, competition was tough. Several teams were well prepared, demonstrating a unique strategy to the problem we were all facing. This year's scenario was to survey a farmer's crops and retrieve a variety of information. Each team was to calculate the area of a set number of crop fields, determine the crop type by reading a QR code, and identify whether the crop was healthy by the presence of an IR beacon. In addition, a certain number of crops were marked, signifying that a team must drop a "probe" for soil testing in this crop field. Accuracy played an important role in this competition. TeamPhotoCompressedThanks to some very successful image processing and data analysis, especially thanks to Safe Software's FME which was sponsored to us, we were able to use information from our flight to determine the required information. From this data, we planned a more specific flight route for the second day of competition, targeting specific areas of interest that required imaging in more detail. This strategy proved very successful, and our team beat out 12 of the other teams to claim a second place finish.Congratulations to the UAV Team from Concordia University for placing third and especially to VAMUdeS from Université de Sherbrooke for taking first place! IMG_1229With our success this year, we hope to continue development and return to USC 2017 with an even better system, a strong strategy, and efficient data analysis. We will work hard to accomplish this goal and look forward to attending more competitions! IMG_1259