New Hexacopter!

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Team Guardian has just obtained the first multirotor aircraft for our team! We have exclusively flown fixed wing aircraft for our competitions in the past years. A fixed wing aircraft allows us to cover a larger area in a shorter amount of time along with a greater payload capacity compared to using a multirotor system. However, a multirotor system provides advantages for the competitions we are involved in. For target recognition, decoding QR codes, or dropping probes onto targets, a multirotor system can be more accurate compared to a fixed wing aircraft since it can hover over an area. Additional details of an area can be obtained, and more accurate drops can be performed. HexWe chose a hexacopter over a more common quadcopter design. A hexacopter has more power, can fly higher, carry more payload, and is safer than a quadcopter. With six motors, if one fails, the other 5 will allow the hexacopter to still fly safely. We plan to put a Point Grey camera on board our hexacopter. We used Point Grey cameras this past year on our Hugin aircraft. Their high quality images provided us with great details of the surveillance area at the USC student competition, giving us a second place finish. We hope to be able to fly a fixed wing simultaneously with the hexacopter at competition next year. The fixed wing aircraft would fly at a higher altitude to gain a general map of the surveillance area while the hexacopter would be deployed to obtain additional details of a particular area or perform a drop at a given location. Every year our system improves, and we look forward to seeing how this new platform will benefit us in the following year!