Meet the Hugin II

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Maja Hand Launch CroppedWhile the Bormatec Majas (right) have served us faithfully during the last two years as our primary airframe for testing and competitions, their time in flights and enduring hard landings is showing its signs, meaning it is time for them to be retired. The EPP foam that it was constructed from allowed for quick repairs, but our need for a greater payload required a new, larger airframe that could better handle our equipment. Hugin_II copy Meet the Hugin II! With a 2.6 metre wing span, the Hugin II is much bigger than any airframe Team GUARDIAN has used in the past. It has a 2.5 kg payload capacity, a big improvement compared to the Maja's 1.5 kg capacity. This increased capacity means that we will be able to use our Canon Rebel XL1 camera to replace our much slower Canon G9 that we used previously. With all our equipment on board, we expect that the Hugin II will weigh nearly 5 kg. The Hugin II also boasts a more powerful motor than the Maja. Modifications to the Hugin II are well underway, including a custom modified landing gear done by our very own members. We are excited to do our first test flight with the Hugin II as we prepare to take it to competition!