Hugin II: The Maiden Voyage

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Hugin_Maiden_Voyage_1aIt was a cold, brisk Saturday morning in Vancouver. The members of team GUARDIAN slowly trickled into the lab, coffee in hand, eager to take our newest airframe on its maiden flight. Packing all our equipment and team members into the cars, we were ready to head to the flight field. The Hugin was assembled, batteries loaded, control surfaces tested, and we carried the plane onto the runway. Hugin_Maiden_Voyage_3 The team lined up along the field to watch Allan pilot the Hugin II into the air for the first time. Throttle up. The propellor roared to life, and the plane began rolling along the grass field. Lift off! The Hugin launched into the air with grace and soared through the air majestically. The Hugin completed several loops before we brought it in for a landing. The Hugin smoothly landed on the runway, drawing applause from the team and a few spectators who had gathered to watch its maiden voyage. Hugin_Maiden_Voyage_6 When asked about the Hugin's performance, Allan noticed "it's far more responsive and stable than the Maja!" With its maiden flight accomplished, we can't wait to load it up with all of our electronics and begin testing the entire system!