Flight Demonstration

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Our sponsors and supporters
Team Guardian recently hosted its first Flight Demonstration for local sponsors and supporters to demonstrate the capabilities of our UAS! After we were unable to attend the 2017 AUVSI SUAS competition this year, we created the same scenario to present locally. We were tasked with locating a lost hiker who had laid out clues for us to follow. In addition, we had to deliver a water bottle safely, avoid obstacles, and report our progress in real time as the mission progressed.
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Custom designed antenna tracker
Over 20 sponsors and supporters came out to see our team and the UAV in action! This is the first time the team has hosted an event like this, and what a tremendous success! From the time we took off, the crowd was captivated as our UAV accurately followed its waypoint path. Shortly after, the water bottle was successfully delivered, its parachute opening before landing to soften its fall. As our UAV travelled, our antenna tracker, designed and fabricated by our team, automatically and accurately followed it - even as it autonomously adjusted its flight plan to avoid an obstacle. As the live images were sent back to our ground control station, the images were processed for targets using the team's TAG (target analysis and geolocation) software, again designed fully in house. All of the targets were successfully submitted before the UAV even landed. Within minutes of landing, a report was automatically generated showing the accuracy of each of the targets submitted and showing overall performance.  
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Getting up close with our UAV
After a discussion of results, we showed the technology we implemented up close to our sponsors. Many were fascinated and intrigued to learn of what the team has accomplished this past year! The team has been maintaining these industry relationships, collaborating with several organizations and companies. The team looks forward to continuing it's innovations and accomplishing even greater things! View our flight demonstration here: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Mission Part 3: Results   _MG_9034